Four Monkeys Coffee Roasting is a top secret coffee roaster which requires ninja like skills to access. We are a small batch artisan organic coffee roaster in Kutztown Pennsylvania, serving Berks County and Greater Lehigh Valley area, Pennsylvania.

About Four Monkeys Coffee

Meet Four Monkeys, Your Organic Coffee Roaster serving Berks County and the Lehigh Valley!

Meet Four Monkeys Organic Coffee Roaster Kutztown PA, Berks County and Lehigh Valley.

For me the love of specialty coffee started a long time ago. I spent my formative years in the US Navy and not surprisingly I did quite a bit of traveling. I became obsessed with good coffee, seeking out the local preparations, visiting a local coffee roaster and shops everywhere I went. From the dark rich almost syrupy Middle Eastern coffees to the bright sometimes bitter Southern European brews and everything in between.

Four Monkeys originated from a desire for something better. Our organic coffee is a treasure to us and we would like to share our experiences with you. We craft the finest organic coffee available in small batches to ensure absolute perfection in each batch. We’ve been roasting coffee since 2011 and have developed our own distinct flavor profile through bean selection and meticulous care while roasting. This will make our organic coffee some of the finest you’ll ever drink. We serve Berks County and the Greater Lehigh Valley area. If you’re looking for the next level in coffee talk to us!

Our Commitments

As your local organic coffee roaster; these are our commitments.

Four Monkeys is a small batch organic coffee roaster serving Berks County and the Greater Lehigh Valley. We are committed to ensuring our organic coffee is sourced responsibly from small farms who take pride in their ability to provide high quality beans while maintaining stewardship of the environment and providing quality of life improvements to their families and employees. Check out the map below for a bit of information on our current offerings and the farms or co-ops they come from.


Four Monkeys Packaging

Four Monkeys cares about the environment and we want to have the least impact we can. Four Monkeys uses Earth First recyclable packaging. The coffee bags are made from 40% recycled natural kraft paper. The bags are lined with EarthFirst PLA a compostable film made from annually renewable plants.

Coffee Roaster earth friendly packaging serving Berks County and Greater Lehigh Valley

Four Monkeys also uses compostable labels; Elevate Packaging manufactures the full line of compostable Pure Labels.  Both the adhesives and adhesive labels are certified compostable.  The PSA labels have been certified compostable by Din Certco registration# 7H0088 following the testing basis of both ASTM D6400 and EN 13432.

Four Monkeys Web Hosting

We host our website with Greengeeks web hosting, in their words: Since our launch in 2008, GreenGeeks has been the industry’s leading eco-friendly web hosting provider putting back 3 times the power we consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy. We are based out of Los Angeles, California with a global workforce that provides a better web hosting experience to customers from over 150 countries.

Where to buy

You can find Four Monkeys Coffee at these fine stores.

Use our interactive map to find your nearest Four Monkeys reseller.

Four Monkeys Headquarters
(100 N Constitution Blvd Kutztown, PA 19530)
Wholesome Food Farm
(16 Sunrise Lane, Alburtis, PA 18011)
The Nesting Box
(230 Snyder road Kempton, PA 19529)
(236 W. Sacony Alley Kutztown, PA 19530)
Walnutport Produce Co.
(307 South Best Avenue Walnutport, PA18088)
Taproot Farms
(40.47803749465938, -75.91722769662738)
Trexlertown Farmer's Market
Terra Fauna Farm
(8141 Valley View Rd Northampton PA 18067)
Eagle Point Farm Market and Greenhouse
(853 S. Trexlertown Road, Trexlertown, PA 19530)
Wanamakers General Store
(8888 King’s Highway Kempton, PA 19529)