Four Monkeys Coffee

Four Monkeys Coffee is a top secret coffee roaster which requires ninja like skills to access. We are a small batch artisan coffee roaster in Kutztown Pennsylvania, serving Berks County and Greater Lehigh Valley area.

We source only organic beans.

Our packaging is always compostable.

Our coffee is always sourced responsibly.

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Rodale Apple Festival

Found this coffee company gem today at the Rodale Apple Festival!! Met the owners....... very nice! Coffee is excellent, 5 stars from me!!!

Dianne B

This coffee is a treat.

This coffee is a treat. Drink it slow and fresh. It’s ridiculously affordable, always smooth and rich and never bitter and made with love. What more can you ask for???

Jackie R

Howler Blend

I bought a bag of the Howler blend this weekend. It is absolutely exceptional. The coffee is full of rich flavor and is incredibly smooth. I will be buying more very soon!

Kelly R

Just bought some!

I brought home a bag of ground Columbia Sierra Nevada today. Couldn't wait to get home as the car smelled so good. The taste is even better than the smell. Jay T.

Jay T

Team Four Monkeys

Colleen Underwood

Bean Peddler


Pets and barks

Chris Eugster

Chief Roasting Officer

Four Monkeys is a local Coffee Roaster based in Kutztown. Coffee Roaster Berks County Coffee Roaster Lehigh Valley Coffee Roaster Pennsylvania 


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