About Four Monkeys Coffee

Meet Four Monkeys, Your Organic Coffee Roaster serving Berks County and the Lehigh Valley!

For me the love of specialty coffee started a long time ago. I spent my formative years in the US Navy and not surprisingly I did quite a bit of traveling. I became obsessed with good coffee, seeking out the local preparations, visiting a local coffee roaster and shops everywhere I went. From the dark rich almost syrupy Middle Eastern coffees to the bright sometimes bitter Southern European brews and everything in between.

Four Monkeys originated from a desire for something better. Our organic coffee is a treasure to us and we would like to share our experiences with you. We craft the finest organic coffee available in small batches to ensure absolute perfection in each run. We’ve been roasting coffee since 2011 and have developed our own distinct flavor profile through bean selection and meticulous care while roasting. This will make our coffee some of the finest you’ll ever drink.  If you’re looking for the next level in coffee talk to us!