Have you had one of our coffees that you really liked, then we didn’t have it anymore? Today’s current variety of coffee is the result of a million adventures and we try to represent as many of those as we can. We typically only buy one or two bags of a given coffee and when it runs out we replace it with something different, this gives our customers a variety of choices from all over the world. We source our coffee from a variety of suppliers and always ensure the coffee is responsibly sourced, Organic and often times Fair Trade. We test each coffee prior to ordering it in bulk and roast it in a way that we feel shows it’s flavor in the best way possible. We roast each coffee in small batches and typically roast to order to ensure your coffee is always fresh.

So if we no longer have that bean you couldn’t live without; chances are we have something just as amazing  in transit, on our testing table or in the bag. Check back with us early and often to see what’s dropping next!

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